Telenor Golden Numbers – Telenor Golden Numbers 0345 Buy Now

Are you looking for Telenor Golden Numbers? Don’t worry because I’m here with a list of unique Telenor Golden Numbers.

Hi Buddies, Today we are going to talk about Telenor Golden Numbers because many people in Pakistan want to get a unique cellphone number so I’m here with a list of Unique Telenor Golden Numbers.

Telenor Golden Numbers - Telenor Golden Numbers 0345

Why Telenor Golden Numbers?

Golden Numbers are unique numbers, so most people try to get golden numbers. You can see how golden numbers look. You can check the Telenor Golden Numbers below for samples and buy these numbers.

Telenor Provides golden numbers to VIPs because these people love to have a unique mobile number. These numbers are very simple numbers so everyone can remember these contact numbers easily so most of the people like these types of numbers for their mobile.

If you have a golden number and when you share your contact number with someone then He/She can easily remember your contact number without saving on their mobile phone or writing it on a piece of paper.

Telenor Golden Numbers for Sale – Telenor Golden Numbers for Sale in Pakistan

You can buy Golden numbers through an online website are you can visit the nearest Telenor Franchise to get a Golden Number. In Pakistan, most people share their golden number for sale on a different website for sale.

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You can Google for these types of websites. I linked one website that you can use to get the golden number. Many people listed their Telenor Golden number and price on this website.

You can visit the website and contact the seller of the golden number through their contact number. As I can see the lowest price for a Telenor Golden number is Rs.2500 but most I found expensive golden numbers.

But don’t worry you can contact the seller so maybe you can get a discount from the seller. Rember one thing when you buy online, check the trust of the website. check the comments on the website or see the reviews of the website and try to contact someone before making the purchase.

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Note:- Always check website reviews and then make a purchase on the website where you are going to buy something.

31 Telenor Golden Numbers 0345

Sr#Golden Numbers
10347 1000099
20345 7798000
30349 9222220
40312 4000085
50342 6343429
60340 9600361
70340 9600871
80343 5200559
90343 5300521
100348 8100990
110349 8900855
120344 4446184
130344 4446582
140344 4446562
150349 3222223
160333 3300040
170345 0005005
180345 3053338
190345 3356664
200345 4925557
210345 7432228
220345 7422004
230345 7429002
240345 0003030
250345 0009090
260345 6519999
270345 2379999
280345 2378888
290345 3423333
300345 8037777
310345 5004404

How to Buy Telenor Golden Number

I have provided the latest golden numbers for Telenor users and these numbers are available for sale so can easily buy the golden number of your choice.

I’m here with Telenor Golden Numbers list 2022. I’m not a seller so I want to say you can buy these golden numbers from this website. Click Here to Buy these Golden Numbers for Telenor

FAQ Section

How to Buy Telenor Golden Number?

You can Buy Telenor Golden Number from Nearest Telenor Franchise or from someone who is selling the Golden Number

What is Golden Number?

Golden Number is a Unique Number provided by Cellphone Services Providers

Telenor Golden Numbers Price?

Golden Numbers’s price starts from Rs. 5000 or above.

How can I check my Telenor number 2022?

You can check your Telenor number by sending an Empty SMS to 7421.

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