PUBG New State Release Date – Big Hint By Play Store

We are talking about PUBG New State Release Date – Big Hint By Play Store and as we all know Krafton releasing a new version of PUBG Mobile “PUBG New State“. PUBG New State is set in 2021 and will feature realistic graphics and gameplay.

PUBG New State Release Date - Big Hint By Play Store
PUBG New State Release Date – Big Hint By Play Store

As we know PUBG Corporation Merged its own parent company Krafton and will operate under a new name PUBG Studio. They are focusing on expanding the PUBG Frechises into esports and entertainment mediums.

PUBG New State Release Date

PUBG Studio is releasing a new version of PUBG Mobile with a new interface and various new updates, maps, new rewards with a new gaming experience. PUBG Lovers are waiting for the release of PUBG New State. I found some leaked information about PUBG New State on our website Mythic Tips. A few days ago news has arrived that PUBG New State will be available on the Playstore and App Store on 8th October and now we can see that PUBG New state is not released and now no news coming from Krafton or PUBG Studio about the PUBG New State release date.

But I got news about the release date of PUBG New State. Now PUBG New State may be released on 31 October 2021 (Expected).

Note: This news is not confirmed. I will inform you via an update on our website with the exact releasing date as soon as I got the news.

PUBG New State Update Leaked News

We already got a lot of news about PUBG New State Update Leaked but we can say that all news’s are not confirmed yet. Many peoples are saying that PUBG New State is better than PUBG Mobile and many other Peoples are saying that PUBG Mobile is better than PUBG New State. Nobody knows what’s coming in the PUBG New State. I request you don’t share this type of fake news with others.

PUBG New State is a Futuristic Game So we are really going to enjoy the game. I’m also waiting for the game. we hope PUBG Studio giving us the best gameplay ever in this Update.

Apple App Store Announced the Expected Release Date of PUBG New State is 31 October 2021. (Not Confirmed)

How to Download PUBG New State

Many people want to play the PUBG New State video game. Many Friends already searching on the internet about how to download PUBG New State. You can download the game from the play store when released. Now you can register for the game. I mentioned the Steps about how to pre-register for PUBG New State

  • Open Play Store or App Store
  • Search for PUBG New State
  • Click On down Pre-Register Button

Now You have completed the PUBG New State pre-registration.

PUBG: New State has received over 40 million pre-registrations on Android and iOS devices. Developer Krafton says that the battle royale game recently finished its second alpha testing.

Extra Tips and Hacks

I’m also providing a free PUBG Mobile hack on our website. I also share some hacking tips but keep in mind that all the hacks and tips and tricks are only for educational purposes only. So please don’t use these hacks and tricks to cheat someone.

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