How to Make Money Online By Typing | Get Your Blog Website Ready

As you can see in the title How to Make Money Online By Typing | I Will Design Your Blog Website. I and sharing a way to earn money online by typing. The best method to make money online for students.

If you use can use the computer and you have a good typing speed or you can write then this method is for you. Using this method you can earn lots of money just by typing.

How to Make Money Online By Typing | Get Your Blog Website Ready
How to Make Money Online By Typing | Get Your Blog Website Ready

The Question is How to Make Money Online By Typing?

Earning Money from the internet is not easy as we think. Like a person started to work online and on the next day, he is making millions of Dollars, No it’s not the truth. 80% of People will not tell you how to make money online but today I’m here with the best method of online work to make money online.

You can get many websites on the internet that are providing ways to earn money or you can see many ads on websites that you visit on a daily basis. They show in ads that you can earn 5$ per word or you can earn daily 50$ to 100$ easily but remember most of these types of sites are scams. The most website allows you to earn 5$ per click but these websites will not pay you because you can’t complete their withdrawal threshold. They allow you to earn but they do not allow you to withdraw.

Some websites ask you to purchase their package first then you can work. When you pay on these websites then you can create an account on the website but at the end, they ask you to invite friends as referrals and earn some commission.

So now I’m here with the best method to earn money online by typing. You can earn money by just typing with this method.


Blogging is the best method to make money online by typing especially for students. You just need a blog to write. You can choose any topic related to you and you can write about it. As you can see I created the blog Mythic Tips for Tips and tricks, earn money online, and also related to games. You can also write something like this. You just need a blog because you can earn money from the blog. You have to write on the blog and you can monetize the blog to earn money.

If you want to make money online from the blog then you can create a free blog on Blogger or you can create a blog on WordPress. But for WordPress, you have to make a small investment. You can start a blog on blogger if you want to start or you want just only for educational propose but if you really want to make money online then you can invest in WordPress.

Basically, web developers are designing the blog website with .com domain and hosting In 80$ to 100$ but if you can’t pay this amount then you can ask me to design your blog site.

Best Offer for the New Blogger – Student Package from Me

I am here with a perfect offer for students if they want to start their blog on WordPress. I will provide you with a blog on WordPress with the .com domain. I will design your complete WordPress blog.

Free Way to Create Blog on Blogger.

If you don’t want to invest or you can’t invest in blogging then you can go for a free way to create a blog. Keep in mind that Blogger does not provide you with any SEO tool or any support for Ranking Fectors. It’s hard to rank a blogger blog but If you use the .com domain on blogger then you can rank your blog. Click Here to Join My Blogging Classes.

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