Google Pond Trick – Google Pond Feeling Lucky

Hi, I’m here with an interesting Google Pond Trick. I will try to share the Top 4 Tricks Of Google like the Google Pond Trick.

Google Pond Trick - Google Pond Feeling Lucky

Today I’m going to share the amazing and interesting trick of Google Pond with you. You can enjoy this trick by following the steps and I also try to share the Top 4 Tricks Of Google with you.

Google Pond I’m Feeling Lucky button is available as you can see but this is not just a button It’s a very cool feature provided by google that you can use for timepass or enjoyment.

Google Pond Feeling Lucky

If you are getting bored or mood then you can try these tricks I hope these google tricks will help you to feel better because these are amazing tricks by google I have tried them and I really enjoyed and I thought I have to share these tricks with you so you can also try these google tricks.

I have provided 4 Google tricks that you can try and enjoy. If you have any queries related to the post then you can comment below.

There are many other google tricks available on the internet that I will try to cover in another post so you can try new and latest tricks by google through our website without any problem.

Top 4 Google Tricks – Google Pond Trick

  1. Google Pond
  2. Make a barrel roll
  3. Atari Breakout
  4. Askew

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Google Pond

If you want to see the google pond then follow the steps and if you like the trick then please do share it with your friends

  • Open Google.com
  • Type Google Pond
  • Click On I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • You will see the result.

Make A Barrel Roll

Make a Barrell Roll is an amazing fun trick by Google. If you want to try this trick then simply ask google to make a barrel roll or type “Make A Barrel Roll” in the search bar. It will rotate twice, then return to its original position so you have to check this out.

Atari Breakout

Maybe You have played lots of versions of the Atari Breakout Game but you also have to check out how the Atari Breakout looks in the ’90s. This game is not available directly on google so you can play this game through elgooG. Scroll down and enjoy that amazing and interesting game.


Askew is another amazing google trick. You can try this trick by just typing “Askew” in the Google search bar. This trick will tilt your search.

Personal Thoughts

I hope you like these tips and tricks. If you like the post then do share it with your friends and tell them about Google Tricks so they can also try these amazing tricks by Google.

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